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On disc: Godless Rising

Trumpet Of Triumph - Mike Thompson - 6 stars

Trumpet Of Triumph

Trumpet Of Triumph
(Moribund Records - 2010)

Godless Rising formed in 2005 and features ex-Vital Remains frontman Jeff Gruslin on vocals. Trumpet Of Triumph is the band's third album.
Having not heard of Godless Rising before I had no idea what to expect from this release. Maybe some satanic black metal or something judging by the stark and striking old school cover art? Well, almost. The band is heavily anti-Christian as song titles like Christ Cadaver and Damnation Of Angelic Souls lay testament. They play a fairly original breed of death metal which is reminiscent of old school death metal combined with thrash and yet with a fresh sound. The riffs are not your typical death metal riffs, the vocals are not your typical generic cookie monster growls and the drums are not typical death metal patterns nor simply a barrage of double bass.
The guitars come courtesy of Toby Knapp, whom some may recognize as the guitarist of US power metal band Darken. Undoubtedly the guitar is the star of the show on this album as Knapp keeps the music surging forward with thrashy riffs and blastbeats before embarking on some extremely good solos in a style very rarely heard in death metal.
As original and technically well done as this album is I have to admit that I just didn't really enjoy it. The songs just aren't memorable and the opener, Where Is Your God, I actually found rather annoying. I'm sure there will be many fans of this record out there due to its undoubtedly fresh death metal style and the heavy sound of the band which is not reliant on excessively downtuned guitars and I think the band could take the blueprint from this album and improve on it for future releases. However, I doubt this will be getting many more spins from me.

6 stars

Mike Thompson


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