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On disc: Godhunter

Wolves - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Earsplit Records - 2012)

Godhunter actually made this record in 2011 and released it by themselves, but a re-release it ready here during the summer. 5 songs that are rather special, not the highest level in the vocal arrangements, but the thing that Godhunter can make a profile on, is the sound of David Rodgers' abilities on the guitar. If you measures this album as a gift to real guitar fanatics there is something to cheer about. In a sludge metal style Godhunter gives the listener 5 songs which are not so different after all, just with little variations in the themes of the compositions. Stop Being Sheep is slow well-worked metal with a nasal and intense guitar sound, really a good way to get the attention. Wolves Of The North is harder and faster in its metal pressure, but not with the same intense bite in it. Red State / Black Crusade is back to the basics where the hard uncompromising guitars comes their rights with a good flow along the nasal metal road. Powerbelly slows down the action, but still with an intensity that Godhunter do in their very special way. Dead Hooker is even more slow, but the creativity from David Rodgers can save almost everything. This album is kind of special, and if you like odd guitar performance, this album should be next to you.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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