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On disc: Goat Worship

Shore Of The Dead - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Shore Of The Dead

Shore Of The Dead
(Xtreem Music - 2018)

From Brazil the one-man show Goat Worship is coming. Mastermind Hades started Goat Worship in 2013 and two years later released an EP called Doomsday, followed by his debut full-length album Blood And Steel in 2016. Now he returns with Shore Of The Dead.

Hades is kicking off with The Blood Countess, a blackish thrasher. He stated that he started the project to take on the sound of old Bathory which he combines with thrashy riffs.

At The Burning Of The Witches he adds some mid-tempo parts and shows his skills as a guitarist. All very 80's.
Wolf is a fast thrasher raw and gritty, reminds me slightly of old Kreator...

The album closer is about 9 minutes long, it's the title track Shore Of The Dead. Personally I think it would have the song do good to shorten it. It's a bit repetitive - at least the fist half. Even if in the last 3rd of the song there is a change, but it does little to the monotony of the track. Towards the end the tune gets a Tiamat-esque sound.

For fans of 80's thrash metal with some black metal influences this might be a real treat... If you like old Bathory, Venom, Tiamat, etc, you should give it a try!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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