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On disc: GloriaN

- Demo 2001 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


Demo 2001
(self-released / - 2001)

The Turkish quartet was founded back in 1995 in Istanbul and was first Prophecy, before renamed to GloriaN after some line-up changes. In their early days they played cover tunes like almost every young band is doing. Musically the foursome offer true / power metal, but that didn't gives a full description. The five-track demo is kicking off with Heart Of Darkness, a faster one with fast double bass drum and the first band which came to my mind - to give you an idea - is Iced Earth. The voice of Hakan Kul is perhaps the weakest part, coz you have to get used to it, but it's a voice recognizable. Anyway, the band works with breaks - slower, atmospheric parts keep it interesting - and the keyboard make it even more interesting, coz they are not using the usual melody lines. Dragon's Breath starts slowly, but then speed up. It's the same style as the opening track. The track Glory remind me from the riffing a little bit of Iron Maiden, seems that the NWoBHM kings influenced the Turkish... The keyboard adds melody lines which are more used in dark metal... Cool mixture. At least they have a ballad called Rainbow's End. The song is a slow one, but doesn't lack the power and some screaming guitars. Actually here the voice of Hakan Kul fits very well, better in my opinion than at the faster ones. Perhaps they have to get a little bit larger variety in their songs...
The band has an interesting sound and it would be interesting to see what a decent studio production and a producer might get out of them... They are newcomers and so not everything is perfect, but... If you like to discover new bands, go to and download their tracks. See if you like them ore not!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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