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On disc: Girugämesh

- 13's Reborn - Felix Thelen - 9 stars
- Girugämesh - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Gan-Shin - 2008)

The sophomore album of J-rockers Girugämesh starts off with some tribal drumming and heavy riffing, but that's only the intro. They really kick off with Patchwork! The Japanese band was founded back in 2003/2004 and soon established themselves in the J-Rock / Visual Kei scene. Their metalcore sticks out through the Japanese lyrics of Satoshi who switches between angry shouts and melancholy, melodic parts. But only the usage of Japanese lyrics wouldn't get them their reputation! They don't make compromises and lyrically don't hold back anything. They steamroll you with songs like Barricade which is based on a heavy groove. Especially the rhythm section is forcing the band ahead, but it gets it's aggression from the razor sharp riffing and Satoshi's vocals. At Shining they add electro sounds to a fast riffing and with a catchy refrain they hook you up. Shiroi ashiato is a bit different, more emotional... But changes between heavy riffs and melodic vocals... Satoshi seems to mourn something... The song has a sad note. At some songs they include some English lines into the lyrics like on "Shoujo A". At Rocker's the thrashy riffing is partly combined with a catchy hookline. The contrast of heaviness and soft, melodic vocals make this one stick out. The last track of the regular edition Kowareteiku sekai starts off with some tribal drumming, but is a balladesque song and Satoshi sounds quite fragile, but only during the first minutes, then the heavy riffing is back and Satoshi seems to scream out in despair...
The European version of the self-titled 2nd release has 3 bonus tracks which are - as far as I know - been first released on their EP Reason Of Crying. Fans of Girugämesh will probably already have this EP or will be happy to get these tracks now.
If you don't know the Japanese already I recommend Vermillion, Shiroi ashiato, Domino, Barricade and Shining.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


13's Reborn

13's Reborn
(Gan-Shin - 2007)

This is the first release of Gan-Shin in Europe and it's the first of Girugämesh album release here. The album is a bit more gothic / metal-like compared to it's predecessor which was only released in Japan.
The opening isn't quite promising, coz after a short silence there is a scream and then it's time for Jarring Fly, a mixture of gothic metal, a dash of core and melodic vocals combined with forcing drums and heavy riffs. A good tune.
Next is Shadan which is another killer song! And to be honest I haven't expected this from Girugämesh. A bit like at Jarring Fly, but based on a different rhythm. Both rock!
With Furuba Shaishin they show that they also can play slower.
I had a hard time to skip songs, even Kaisen Sengen shows how much work they put into this album.
A great album which I can highly recommend!

9 stars

Felix Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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