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On disc: Giftdwarf

Giftdwarf - Lars Bj°rn - 7 stars


(SAOL Music - 2011)

In the metal world there should be place for many different things, and if someone says that the completely new German band Giftdwarf are different, they point right to the spot. The band is centered around the two old friends, vocalist Gerd Knebel, Badesalz and Flatsch, and his longtime companion Olaf Mill (guitar), also from Flatsch. They have a background in Germany comedy shows, are very well-known in Germany, but now they have tied knots with experienced guitarist Uwe Lulis, ex-Grave Digger, and it's also Lulis who have produced this new debut album that Giftdwarf have released.
They could be compared to the Swedish band Black Ingwars who also make heavy metal covers of other songs from popular genres, add heavy guitar sound and gives old songs a completely makeover. But the way that Giftdwarf approach this task is different. They make fun of other characters very much (Pavarotti, Lemmy Kilmister, Fritz), and their music live next door to artist like Alice Cooper and especially Udo Dirkschneider. Let's start with the song Bowfrostman, anonymous title, but when you hear it the basic rhythm of U.D.O.'s great song The Wrong Side Of Midnight comes out, but in a more heavy way than Stefan Kaufmann do it, and then towards the middle of the song they feel the urge to make fun of the old Black Sabbath song Paranoid. Strange combinations, but I can tell you it works. The song Fritz seems to describe Josef Fritz from Austria, the one who held his daughter as a slave in the cellar. This is fantastic heavy metal, cool and with super work from the drums and guitars. My Mother Looks Like Lemmy, here nobody can doubt what it is about. Crazy metal, but absolutely totally metal just in the way that Mot÷rhead play, the chorus in this song is: "She looks like Lemmy of Mot÷rhead". Also a song called I Saw It On The News is a funny and very original song, based on the crazy ideas that Alice Cooper often had, and this song outlives Alice Coopers dream in a way that he may not have thought of.
Thanks of Uwe Lulis on the guitars this album remains heavy, even if it is in the funny department, a sure hit when you want metal that is completely different from what you normally listen to.

7 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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