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On disc: Genesis

- When in Rome 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

When in Rome 2007

When in Rome 2007
(EMI Music - 2008)

Genesis always been special. Quite often they go different ways and do things you might not expect from them. In July 2007 they played in Rome, the Italian capital - and they wanted to record a live DVD there. So far, so good. They played at Circus Maximum in front of 500,000 people a free concert! It was the last show on their Turn It On Again European tour and so the band wanted to make it special. A huge, futuristic stage set, great light show with projections and a set list every Genesis fan should be happy about. And now a 3-DVD box is getting into the stores. At the first 2 DVDs you find the concert and a photo gallery. On disc no. 3 is a tour documentary. But what makes the concert DVD outstanding isn't just the sound and image quality - that's something you expect from a band like Genesis - it's the special they offer. At the beginning of every song there is a small 'Duke' symbol shown and when you hit the right button you get the extras for the certain song. And these extras show specials like a discussion about adding more lights to the show which took place in Brussels when you hit the button at the beginning of Cage Medley. Even if Phil Collins read it from a piece of paper, he is doing most of the speeches in Italian. Very nice. A great concert and the film crew did an incredible job! Especially stuff like Conversation With Two Stools is fun. Or the extras where you see the band during rehearsals.
The 3rd DVD has a tour documentation called Come Rain Or Shine which was done by Anthony Mathile and his team. What I like is that they show a lot of the preparations for the tour and about the tour coming closer to the last show and the DVD recording. It shows the band on the road and gives an impression about life on the road. Well, it's not always funny and perhaps not interesting for everybody, but I think worth watching. Even if it's probably a bit too much at once, but you can stop and get back on later. So I can just recommend to spend time and watch it. Okay, the quality of some old footage is.. well, not quite good, but you can't expect some filming from the earl 70's in high quality as we know it today. But that are only small pieces and give a more complete look at the band Genesis and it's history.
A must-buy for Genesis fans and a good piece of music for pop fans! Btw, in Germany they got platinum for pre-orders! And I bet not just in Germany...

Track list:

DVD I - Concert Pt. 1
Dukes Intro
Turn It On Again
Hello, good evening and welcome
No Son Of Mine
Land Of Confusion
Any old fans here tonight?
Cage Medley incl. 'In The Cage',
excerpts from 'Cinema Show' &
Dukes Travels / Afterglow
Hold On My Heart
A scary story
Home By The Sea
Follow You Follow Me / Firth Of Fifth (excerpt) / I Know What I Like
BONUS (Duke): (Back & Off Stage):
How Does Duke's End End
We're Gonna Take It Up A Little Bit
Plugged In. Turned On. On The Edge
Minimal Confusion
Tony Changed His Mind
We Need More Lights
Counting The Bars To 'Heart'
Working On Home
Mike Wants Phil's 'Feel' On Drums
From 'G' To 'G' On 'Firth'
Time To Dance
EXTRAS: Tour Program - Photo-Gallery

DVD II - Concert Pt. 2
Let us take you away from all that
Throwing It All Away
The domino principle in action
Conversation With 2 Stools
Los Endos
Tonight Tonight Tonight (excerpt) / Invisible Touch
I Can't Dance
Thank you and good night
Carpet Crawlers
BONUS (Duke): (Back & Off Stage):
Bring The Pitch Down Like Elton 'Acoustic' Ripples
'Throwing It All' Down
Tony Talks About His Inspiration
The Drum Duet
Not A Period Piece
Invisible Key
Phil, Tony & Mike, And Phil & Mike?
Singing Along
Delected Scenes - Did You Do Your Homework?

DVD III - Come Rain Or Shine - Tour-Documentary

Opening Night
October 2006
7 Months Before The Show
4 Months Before The Show
18 Days Before The Show
15 Days Before The Show
12 Days Before The Show
10 Days Before The Show
8 Days Before The Show
6 Days Before The Show
4 Days Before The Show
3 Days Before The Show
1 Day Before The Show
Show 1
Part 2 The Rain
Katovice, Poland - Show 7
Rome, Italy

Claudia Ehrhardt


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