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On disc: General Lee

Raiders Of The Evil Eye - Lars Bjrn - 6 stars

Raiders Of The Evil Eye

Raiders Of The Evil Eye
(Play The Assassin Records - 2012)

If there should arrive new death metal from France it's no wonder that it comes from General Lee, the mad and dramatic death metallers who releases a small album of 7 songs, Raiders Of The Evil Eye. Their third album is a mix good and creative songs all along with standard or almost boring material. But the better stuff on the new CD is The End Of Bravery, feelings and great creative alternative death metal, worth a good study. Alone With Everybody gets the listeners stuffed with melodic rhythm and a rather melancholic death metal special. LVCRFT is the title that pour a soft and slow metal song, but still a little confusing in the general songwriting. Medusa Howls With Wolves speeds up the tempo and the guitars go crazy in fast and thunderous death metal that should give their fans something to cheer about. There is even space for a soft instrumental song, Overwhelming Truth, just to broaden the horizon for General Lee. Average stuff, but acceptable.

6 stars

Lars Bjrn


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