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On disc: Geist

- Für alle Zeit - Philip Thelen - 9 stars

Für alle Zeit

Für alle Zeit
(Danse Macabre - 2007)

Für alle Zeit is the name of the latest work of the Cologne-based quartet Geist. Powerful and crystal clear the CD starts off with Wer, wenn nicht ich.
Straightforward the band is addressing the listener with smooth guitar melodies, catchy hooks which invites the listener to sing along - and also drag the listener into the lyrical world of Geist. In most cases the lyrics are about life itself.
While listening to the album you soon recognize the progressive elements. Fat guitar riffs in combination with bass and drums - perfectly working together - and on top the vocals build up a sparking mixture. Something you won't find too often. Curious? Everybody who is into progressive rock and don't mind German lyrics should check them out!

9 stars

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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