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On disc: Geïst

Galeere - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Lupus Lounge - 2009)

Geïst had to go through changes, but it seems that now everything is turning out well for them. They have a strong line-up, signed a deal with Lupus Lounge and have a new album out! Galeere is taken you out on sea... And that can be a frightening experience... And amidst the storm there is a ray of light... And Geïst manage to transfer this experience into a sonic journey.
You hear hits... rhythmic... morse signs... then the hits seem to come closer, speeding up - all accompanied by guitars. That's how Galeere starts. Somehow they create a dark, frightening atmosphere. Then the sextet goes full force, but don't expect a blast attack! They ease off a bit and Cypher D. Rex starts to tell you the story with his raspy voice. The track is 8+ minutes long and so Geist change speed and create different atmospheres. Towards the end they even cross boarders to power metal! Very interesting and an unexpected turn. You hear the wind blow... Einen Winter auf See. A sonar... Suddenly they kick off with a folk-ish black metal sound. The melancholy accordion passage is like the calm before the storm. Then it's like all hell broke loose with a hyper-fast part... A variation of this you get at Durch lichtlose Tiefen which takes you on a journey under water... Into the deepest sea. At Helike the bass line is taking your attention, the guitars lay a melodic line on top. And again they speed up - for awhile. After a cool guitar part they slow down... Then staccato riffing and mean vocals. As this like the other songs is about 8 minutes it varies while telling the story. The last track is almost 16 minutes long and called Unter toten Kapitänen. For about 3 minutes some noises lead you in, then slowly then continue with spoken words, telling about abominations. The black-ish riffs are accompanied by the raspy vocals - and this creates again a frightening atmosphere. Then they return to a mid-paced part with spoken words, but the music changes slightly and some raw spoken words seems to lead you into another frenzy.... But they go back to the clean vocals which are hypnotic. A roller coaster ride... At the end you hear the sound of the ocean, the oars creak... And then silence.
Perhaps you have hear some similar passages, but in it's wholeness the album is strong. The band decided to follow a concept and stick to their plan. They use elements to drag you into the world on sea they created. If you let them take you on this sail, then you'll be able to enjoy the trip! Even if its a frightening trip!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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