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On disc: Geff

Land Of The Free - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Land Of The Free

Land Of The Free
(Metal Heaven - 2009)

With Geff another all-star band is on the way to conquer the world. The Swedish guitarist Ralf Jedestedt hooked up with his friends Anders Johansson and Per Stadin, then they were looking to complete the band. They found singer Göran Edman and keyboarder Mats Olausson. With them they recorded the debut Land Of The Free, a hard rock album which kicks off with the up-tempo rocker Xtacy. The song reminds me a bit of Rainbow... it's the vibe. But the production is a bit too polished - at least for me. Songs like Living Generation have everything a good hard rock tune should have, but they can't touch me... Mat Olausson's keyboard leads into the title track Land Of The Free, a fast rocker with heavy riffs and catchy refrain. Pennywise And Pound Foolish is a boogie-based rocker, but again the polished production isn't helping... The song has a bit of Great White. But the Americans found the right balance between a clean production and a warm, authentic sound. At Mr. Cain you can detect a dash of Guns'n Roses... One of my favorites is Fool's Paradise which is a catchy rocker. The last song Innervations has the typical 80's keyboard sound combined with heavy riffs. A bit Deep Purple-ish... But again they can't move me...
So far there is no website for Geff, but you can get some information at Göran Edman's page:
Well, there is nothing to complain about the song writing and the playing, only that the polished production has erased the character of the songs... If they would have a 'vintage' 70's sound, then the rating would be higher... Being too perfect can be a mistake...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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