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On disc: Gallows Pole

Waiting For The Mothership - Umberto Mino - 6 stars

Waiting For The Mothership

Waiting For The Mothership
(Pure Steel Records - 2011)

Gallows Pole from Austria are back. After their last year album Revolution with a commercial attitude, this new Waiting For The Mothership is a sort of back-to-the-roots album, pure and simple hard rock!!! Personally I love this kind of simple music made with the heart, but Gallows Pole don't touch my heart as much as I want, let me explain........ This band is active from a long long time, since the early 70s and their first album is from 1982 so I can't judge in a negative way a band that exist from sooooooooooo much. I can only say that the music in this new 2011 is not satisfied me at 100%, they made a step forward from last year, but sometimes listen to some song passages that seems like Bruce Springsteen is not a good thing.

In this new episode of their long career, we can find very cool like Area 51 or A Big Mistake, but all the album is not exactly at a good point of excellence and if this album can be considered a logical follow up of their celebrated In Rock We Trust, personally this time Alois Martin Binder and his pals can do much more than this...

6 stars

Umberto Mino


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