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On disc: Gallileous

- Unholy Grail - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Unholy Grail

Unholy Grail
(Foreshadow Music - 2008)

The Polish band Gallileous started back in 1990 and released 2 demos in the early 90's. They split up in the mid-90's and reunited in 2006. Now they present Unholy Grail as an appetizer for their coming debut album Ego Sum Censore Deuum. You can listen to the songs at the band's website. Or download the 2-track single.
Heavy slow drum beats open up Anti Vaticano, slow heavy riffs and the deep growls of Mirek catch you interest. The vocals are painful and the keyboard in the background adds a beautiful melody line to the heavy riffs - and you feel torn between the pain and the light keyboard sound. The choirs reminding me of the monk choirs in it solemnity and add some elevated.
The second track is Unholy Grail and won't be on the upcoming album! Slow, dragging riffs combined with some Celtic sound start off Unholy Grail. Deep whispers added to this melange and create a threatening atmosphere. The perfect soundtrack for dark winter days when you are down and depressed. Even if there are short moments when it lights up again - like a ray of sun light breaking through the dark clouds.
A painful journey through doomed, dark days. If you love doom, then check this one out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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