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Swordbrothers Festival

- Swordbrothers Festival IX - September 2010 - Andernach (D) -


Swordbrothers Festival 2010
- September 11th 2010 - Andernach (D), JuZ -

This was another edition of Swordbrothers (9th) and like every year it became bigger and loved by any true metal defender!!!

This wonderful day start with Desert Sin, a good band with good songs.... In Italy we used to say "A good day starts from a beautiful morning..." and the start of this Swordbrothers was nice!

Desert Sin

French combo Hurlement hit the stage with their furious old school speed / heavy metal and the crowd really go wild!!! I love this band and their concert approach, very energetic and powerful!! The songs of their album De sang et D'Arcier had hit me and the entire place in a very positive way.


Next band on stage was the Americans Widow, a good band with good songs, but with absolutely no ability on stage. And this was really bad because their songs are really good but please guys you must need more concerts to create a good feeling with the crowd.


And now the bad note of the entire festival, Eternal Winter from the United States. This combo really need to do tons of gigs and albums or simply they had a wrong concert???? I don't know and I hope to see again these guys in action with a good live set....

Eternal Winter

Now it's Paragon's turn, and they don't need introductions, because they played a hard and ferocious set. The people were totally absorbed by the band's charisma. I really appreciate that performance, because they have new guitarists and drummer and they play like they were in the band from years!!!! Well done guys!!!!


And now Throes Of Sanity hit the stage. For me they were a nice surprise, because I didn't know nothing about them, but from the first note I was totally absorbed by their old Queensrÿche / Fates Warning sound and complicate songs. A very nice surprise for me!!!! Long live Throes Of Sanity!!!!

Throes Of Sanity

And now it's Aska's turn to hit the stage. They really kick ass!!! Their old school US / European metal sound mix just wake up the entire crowd in and outside the building!!! George Call and his partners in crime also this time did no prisoners, everybody sang Crown Of Thorns or Freedom. Somebody says "Why they are so underground?? They are very good!!"... I don't know the answer, but I hope that underground for them will end quickly!!!


And now one of most waited band, Skullview from the USA.They have their new CD Metalkill The World to play with their old killer songs, and they do it really well!!! I can't believe how they were so f**king good!!! A big thanx to them for their excellent gig!!!


Now the sad note of this festival, Cloven Hoof or the big bluff. As you know now this band is made only by 2 members: singer and bass player. The original plan was that Roxxcalibur members join Cloven Hoof for a 30 minutes set, but problems (like always) were behind the corner, and one week before the festival they (C.H.) ask to Aska to learn four songs for a short set. Aska did it, but time problems for Cloven Hoof (and the bands before them), reduce their set to 2 songs. It's impossible to give any kind of judgement for this fact.

Cloven Hoof

After that it's time for the headliners from Holland, Picture! They showed us how good is their set and their live ability, and they did it very well!! Old and new song show to Swordbrothers festival how damn good they are, and these old school metal rockers were made of solid rock, because the time seems never passed for them!!


One the happiest days of this 2010 year for me in this Festival!!! A big honor for me stay here and I hope next year to be there one more!!! Cheers GUYS!!

Umberto Mino


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