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On stage: Keep It True

Keep It True XII - Apr. 2009 - Lauda-Königshofen (D) -

- Keep It True XII -
- April 24th & 25th 2009 - Lauda-Königshofen (D)




Lizzy Borden


Armored Saint

Day 1 - 24th April 2009

This edition of KIT starts with In Solitude. Good band to start with. Their sound reminds me Mercyful Fate and they're at very young age for a band keep me to say, very bright future for them. Maybe they'll be the next big thing!!!
KIT continue with Atlantean Kodex - doom metal from Germany. They pay, obviously, a big tribute to Candlemass and Black Sabbath. Nice gig for this band, but its the next band that KIT starts to explode! ASKA take over the stage with their American power-heavy metal and people start to appreciate that. George Call and his pals really kick ass!!! Longships, Invasion, Leprosy sound in the arena powerful and glorious!!!! Long live ASKA - a big surprise for me, because I never listen to these guys and my impression is very positive. I hope that their CDs will very soon be available worldwide. ASKA rules!
Cloven Hoof is the next band..... And they made a very good job. Driven by their frontman Mr. North, the band plays heir NWoBHM period songs with their class and precision. A very professional band with a lot of arrows in their pocket..... Nice!!!
Now it's Ruthless time........ The American band reformed recently to play here in Europe and present their powerful albums Disciple Of Steel and Metal Without Mercy. And metal without mercy is what they gave us! A gig without a moment to breathe. It's obvious that these guys need more concerts to gain more intensity, but the attitude was great. Ruthless and Metal Without Mercy - the right combination!!!!
Very quick change over and now it's Exumer to hit the stage. For me the first bad gig in the whole KIT. Raging fast and furious attack without passion, a very ugly sound and a singer with a hardcore attitude (bad thing for me at Keep It True) had made this concert one of worst of the whole festival. Exumer will be lucky next time....
After 25 years of waiting finally I can see Exxplorer play live their masterpiece Symphonies Of Steel and...... what can I say??? Exxplorer has not betray me and the KIT audience! City Streets, Run For Tomorrow and other song will end too soon this show. I preferred they play a lot more, but shit happens!!!! 25 years of waiting and now I am satisfied by this concert. Exxplorer rules!
Next band is Tyrant. Here there are a lot fanatics of this band, but tonight they were the second delusion gig after Exumer. For Tyrant's singer tonight was the bad night, not a nice performance of him - and for the band. For me a great sorrow to see a band in high position of the bill play so bad!!! Also for Tyrant, you'll be lucky next time!
It's time for Abattoir now and they kick ass! Juan Garcia and his boys play at the highest intensity their killer songs: Vicious Attack, Bring On The Damned and the final one (Abattoir introduced it that like their Stairway To Heaven) Screams From The Grave set the house on fire!!!! Only Exciter has the same intensity and killer songs like these........ Abattoir reached their goal!!!!!
And now the headliner of this first KIT day: Lizzy Borden!!! His theatrical show can start now in the temple of metal with a song from his last CD, but its the second song that made people going crazy: Give 'em The Axe!!! A lesson of real 'American Metal'!!!! Many things happened during the Lizzy Borden show: the look changes, axes, semi nude girl got bite her neck during Love You To Death, baseball bats and other tricks - like always. Lizzy, we love you!!! Lizzy Borden closed their spectacular show with the Rainbow cover of Long Live Rock And Roll! This was the best way to finish the first day of KIT. A lot of bands play and only two bad shows... not that bad!!!!!

Day 2 - 25th April 2009

Day two starts with Deja-Vu, metal band inspire by the mighty Judas Priest and Accept, and I really like them!!!! Very positive show for these guys! Powerful and energetic!!!
Today to doom metal bands are following the opener, Procession and The Gates Of Slumber (from Chile) and I could see only the second band. Sorry guys I'm human and I need to rest sometimes!!!!
Today there's something in the air and the band today were not as good like yesterday. Militia and Rigor Mortis play boring shows. This is always my personal opinion, because people seems to appreciate Rigor Mortis, but to my ears they are everything, except a good band!!!
Living Death hit the stage with Jörg Michael on drums and people went crazy with their raw songs!!!! Good performance of this guys. A return on the scene for this guys in Germany will be appreciate by every metalhead.
Now Sortilége's turn has come! They play under another name for copyright problems, but here only the music is important!!! Sortilége play very well and kick some serious ass here at KIT!!! Strange to hear after a lot of years heavy metal songs in French (note for Oliver, KIT mastermind, I want H-Bomb!!!). Finally a couple of good bands....
The day runs very quick and now it's time for Picture! Well, these guys demonstrate that a very good hard rock band can compete at a true metal festival. Eternal Dark and the other songs of this great band from Holland really make you bang your heads and touch the hearts of the people. Very good performance of Picture. Guys, when you play in Italy call me ok?
A surprise is that the NWoBHM tribute is on the bill. But this is not a surprise, but they presented a lot of surprises!!!! The NWoBHM cover band Roxxcalibur start the show with 3 good covers and now Brian Ross from Blitzkrieg enter to sing Blizkrieg and Satan's Break Free. After that now original Tygers Of Pan Tang's singer Jess Cox enter to sing Wild Cat. And if this is not enough also 2 singers of some very obscure NWoBHM bands enter to plays their songs, but with the next guest that KIT arena explodes - Girlschool is in tha house!!! Emergency sound like a thunder!!!! And now Cloven Hoof and their The Gates Of Ghehenna and after that another killer: Demon's singer is on the stage for Don't Break The Circle. Wow, oh my GOD!!! Pure magic!!! It's not over, now Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin hits the stage with........ Thunderstick!!!!!! Thunderstick is here to play the Samson classic Too Close To Rock'n'Roll with The Tyrant!!!!! For the end of this NWoBHM tribute show all the guests sing along with 'The Tyrant' Iron Maiden's Running Free. Simply amazing!!!!!!!
In my head now it's impossible that someone can made better it than that, but the name of the headliner of this day is Armored Saint!!!! They could do better than this??? The answer is a simple one: YES!!!! Armored Saint start their show with a couple of song that many bands would kill for have on their albums: Reign Of Fire and March Of The Saint!!!!!! Unbelievable!!! From this moment this writer is in the first raw in front of the stage to see these icons of Heavy Metal!!!! Armored Saint play the first time in Europe False Alarm and they end their show with Can U Deliver and Madhouse. Well, can I say more??? Oh yes, I wish they played more songs, but shit happens...... That's life!!!
This is the end for the XII edition of this beautiful festival of true metal. See ya next year with headliners Candlemass, Demon, Savage Grace and many more...... and like always... Stay Metal Forever!!!!!!

Umberto Mino


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