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- Doro & Metal Classic Orchestra,
Blaze and Saeko...
- Oct. 2004 - Balve (D) -

- Doro & Metal Classic Orchestra, Blaze, Saeko... -
- Balve, Balver Höhle - October, 15th 2004 -

Actually I saw Doro with the orchestra last spring and Blaze on tour with Circle II Circle, but I haven't been at Doro's show at Balve during the Fight tour, but on DVD it looks great. So... This time I had to be there! It was raining and due to an accident which lead into a 30 km long stop-and-go, often no-go at all we were late. But in time to see the 3 song performance of the Japanese singer Saeko. She presented 3 tracks from her album with the orchestra. I don't know the songs, so... The first one was a balladesque one, not bad, but the special something was missing. The other songs were more powerful and so the reaction of the audience was better. I guess most didn't know her and so the more powerful songs worked better. Between the songs Saeko tried to communicate with the metal fans and she thanked everybody for the great time she had so far here in Germany. Saeko mixed some German words into her English which get her the sympathy of the fans.
Due to some organizational problems Doro and Blaze had to switch and so it was time for Germany's leading metal lady, tonight she came with her band and the orchestra. Opening as always with I Rule The Ruins followed by Metal Tango they soon had the fans singing along. Drummer Johnny Dee took over the percussion and it seems that he enjoyed it. I think the drummer already played on the last orchestra shows, but I'm not sure. Guitarist Joey Taylor was at the far right and it look a little like he wasn't part. Bassist Nick Douglas and keyboarder / guitarist Oli Palotai didn't stayed in the back, they came front stage and switched sites. Doro came to promote her Classic Diamonds album live and so she presented mainly the songs from the new album. It wasn't the first time that they played Let Love Rain On Me, but they surprised fans with Breaking The Law. I think they did a great job rearranging the Judas Priest classic. That was my personal highlight beside Touch Of Evil. Time was flying and too soon it was over! Another great show of Doro and her companions. Perhaps this tour was the last time to she them with the orchestra... Coz this is taking a lot of efforts and is quite expensive to do such a tour. Beside that this location is amazing.
After a little longer change over British singer Blaze Bayley entered the stage with a new line-up. Actually I have no idea, if the rhythm section left or if they have just another engagement as I heard... So they got replaced - temporarily - by bassist Nick Douglas and the Rawhead Rexx drummer Danny Loeble. Guitarist Steve Wray was replaced as well, I think I saw the new guy before, but I can't tell you anything. Only Oli Palotai played on their last tour - with Circle II Circle last June - guitar. But former Iron Maiden singer is Blaze. Actually they should play before Doro and so they had a shorter set. This time he played a few more Iron Maiden tunes, coz with a completely new band - and I guess not enough time to rehearse - they concentrated on classics. They usually play Man On The Edge and Futureal, this time they added some others - forgive me for not taking notes - and also presented Blood & Belief, Ten Seconds and Ghost In The Machine... As far as I remember. After the set Blaze and his guys waited at the merchandise booth for the fans as he told the fans during the set. Blaze Bayley left the stage into the pit and sprinted to the merchandise booth. There he stayed until they had to leave talking with fans and signing whatever they wanted him to sign.
The cave has a great atmosphere and it was really cool to see these acts in the cave. I only had to complain about the 'parking lot'! Thanks to the girl and the guys who helped us to get out of the mud onto the street. Without 'our little' helpers we would have been stuck! I think that had heavy rain before and they should know what it's doing to the meadows! When we arrived the conditions were already serious and we fear to get stuck, but they didnt do anything to prevent or at least to ease the situation. And a little more light at the far end of the meadow would have helped to find the car, coz it was pitch-black!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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