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In the studio: Forcentury

- Forcentury - April 2012 - Lars Bj°rn -

- Studio report with Forcentury - April 11th 2012 - Copenhagen (DK) -

Danish band Forcentury are in the final stage of producing their new album in the month of April. One change is that keyboard player Andreas Palsgaard has left the band, and Forcentury are looking for a replacement, but Palsgaard did the keyboards for the new album before he parted ways with the band. Also the songs are a little different this time around, the lyrics are more critical towards the society, more based on the real world, and the music is both heavy and power metal in a great combination. We had a chance to participate in the mixing session of the new material, and it sounds harder and more direct, but you can still feel the genuine Forcentury spirit present. As a new element on the forthcoming album is guest appearances of Dagfinn Joensen (Fate), Thomas AG (Saturnus), Morten Skovmus (Atius), and opera singer Cecilia Hjortsberg.

The band has an agreement with tattoo artist Nis Staack to create the cover of the album, and everything is planned to be finished during April 2012. Forcentury still needs to find the right record label to make the album, and they also still haven't found out the title of their new album, but the 10 songs which will be present on the CD is as follows:

The Recuctionist Safe Haven
Changing Ways
Beyond Recognition
Seal Of The Sinner
Repercussions Of Terror
The Lust, The Desire And The Temptation
The Shroud

Ice Vajal was invited to attend the mixing work in the Medley Studio in Copenhagen with well-known technician Sören Andersen (known from his work with Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, Tommy Aldridge, Dave Mustaine, Marco Mendoza and many others). Andersen worked concentrated behind the mixing table to give the album his personal touch.
We look forward to make a review of the new stuff, but already on 3rd of May you can enjoy Forcentury and Royal Hunt playing live at Lions & Barrels in Copenhagen.

Lars Bjørn


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