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In Words: Fury UK

- Luke Appleton - Dec. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Fury UK / Luke - live at Hellfire 2009
© Fury UK

Luke Appleton - December 30th 2010 (by email)

Fury UK aren't a new band in the UK they played countless shows and made a lot friends, time to introduce them to metal heads around the world. Thanks to bassist Luke for answering my questions within no time!

Please tell us a bit about how everything began, coz outside the UK there will be a lot metal heads which aren't familiar with Fury UK!

Chris formed the band from humble beginnings back in 2002/2003, but in the early days several bass players and drummers came and went. The band signed to Rocksector Records in 2007, Martin joined later in the same year and I (Luke) joined in 2008. This has become by far the most productive line-up and one we know will last. Overall, the band has released 3 albums and 1 EP since signing with Rocksector. We've toured with Michael Schenker, Y&T and Blaze Bayley as well as a great many headline shows in the UK. We've also played some excellent UK festivals such as Hammerfest and Bloodstock, and have played a small number of dates in Belgium, Greece and Switzerland.

You are the only 'Fury UK' - as far as I know -, but there are many bands called 'Fury'... Why the name Fury UK?

We're proud of being a British metal band and that's the main reason 'UK' is part of the name. That traditional British heavy metal sound is in our roots. Yes, there are other bands that in the past used the name 'Fury' and there's recently been a lot of different variations on that but there's only one Fury UK!

It's been about a year between VR and A Way Of Life. Have some songs on A Way Of Life been leftovers? Or did you have a creative boost?

There were no leftovers as every song written for the VR album was used. The main reason we were able to do A Way Of Life so quickly is that I took a greater role in songwriting whereas previously most of the songs were written by Chris. So, yes there was a creative boost from me and then the 3 of us were able to develop the new songs quickly.

What inspires you when you write songs?

Our priority is to make the very best music we can in the style we like. So that's how we approach our songs. One of us develops the initial idea then we take a song into rehearsal and work on it together so everyone has an input.

How long did it took to record the album?

It took around 16 days back in April 2010.

Are you happy with the feedback you got so far?

The feedback mainly has been excellent and most importantly from our fans who straight away said it's our best record.

Would you like to do a video for one of the tracks? And which one would you choose?

A video for I See Red is coming soon in 2011. Also, the promo video using the track Nemesis has been well-liked.

You played live a lot, mainly in your home country. Also festivals in the UK, club shows on your own and did some tours as support. How was it to support Michael Schenker?

First of all it was an honor to support Michael Schenker, especially for Chris who is a particular fan of Michael's work. Secondly, it helped us by taking our music to new people and by building our reputation.

And how was it to open for Y&T?

Similar to supporting Michael Schenker as again Chris has been a fan for a long time and the Y&T guys were also especially good to us on the road.

Musically it seems you are based in NWoBHM, but spice it up with some other sounds. What bands influenced you in the beginning? And what are you listening to nowadays?

Yes, we're definitely based in NWoBHM, but then we bring in elements of thrash, power metal, progressive rock / metal. Each of us has different influences, but the main ones to mention are Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Rush, Dream Theater, Iced Earth. For me personally, I listen to a lot of Iced Earth, Helloween, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden. Chris also likes some classic rock like Glenn Hughes, UFO, and Martin has some heavier and alternative tastes such as Pantera, Faith No More and Tool. Ultimately each record is dictated by the song writing. Originally we thought A Way Of Life was going to be more progressive, but much of it ended up straight ahead. That's fine as long as we complete the songs to be the very best they can be.

You will support Saxon in the UK, a dream come true? Which band would you like to tour with in future?

Saxon will definitely be the biggest tour we've done. We're also lucky to be quite well known to plenty of Saxon fans, and we're proud and excited to be involved. For me personally a tour with Iced Earth would be a dream come true!

What about shows in 2011? Any trips to continental Europe planned?

We're in Belgium in March for 2 dates and we await confirmation of a gig in Holland during the same trip. Europe is a priority for us and our plan is to play many more shows there during the second half of 2011.

At the moment it looks like the 80's metal is getting more popular again... Do feel a change of the scene too?

Yes, although it never goes away, it seems to be more popular again currently. I think the surge in popularity for more extreme metal has settled down now which has again given the opportunity to the 80s metal to rise.

More albums are released on vinyl now, would you like to release your album on vinyl? Perhaps including a code so that fans can download the tracks legally...

I don't think we have any particular plans for that currently, but never say never!

Beside the tour with Saxon, what else is on your schedule for 2011?

The first half of 2011 is set out with headline shows for February and March, our short trip to Belgium and hopefully Holland in March, the Saxon tour in April. After that we hope to be confirmed for some festivals and tour Europe much more extensively either on a support tour or headline shows. There won't be a new album until 2012 although we may begin recording towards the end of 2011. We would like to look into releasing a DVD, but that's in very early stages of discussion at this time.

It looks like it will be a very busy year for the British and to hear they will come to continental Europe is good news! And who knows what the future holds for them...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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