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In Words: Forcentury

- Jonas Landt - Nov. 2009 - Lars Björn -

© Forcentury

Jonas Landt - November, 28th 2009 (email interview)

Forcentury is a new band and so we took the chance to get a few questions answered by drummer Jonas Landt.

Your new debut album was produced in cooperation with Thomas 'Pede' Pedersen. Are there any news regarding future cooperation about a record label?

Not right now. But 'Pede' Pedersen is a good friend of the band, and it's only weeks between our guitarist's Marc or JaCK are visiting 'Pede' in the Earplug Studio. We can not say anything for or against a future record cooperation, but it will not necessarily involve a record label.

Will the band Iron Fire still remain as a unique band, or will the work be centered around Forcentury?

Iron Fire and Forcentury will always be two separate bands. Our work don't mix, but we help each other whenever possible. Regarding Marc Masters' priorities, it is certain that right now Forcentury is in focus, as Masters is co-founder of Forcentury, and the driving force when it comes to the song writing. We are still a new band and our need to become visible and noticed is greater than Iron Fire, as Iron Fire has already formed a loyal number of fans.

What does the title Vanguard mean to you?

Vanguard is a name that we are very happy about, because it expresses many items which we feel are essential for the album. One is the military aspect, the investigating troops, special forces who looks out before the main squad sets in. Vanguard can also be interpreted as the first songs that Forcentury will let the world hear. These are the songs that will clear the path for us, and make people aware that there will come more songs, many more.

It is a very interesting cover of the debut album: Vanguard. Who is behind the ideas and the creation of this album cover?

The cover has been painted digitally by the artist Alen Domazet. He used the idea, that we wanted a cover which included elements of mystery and sci-fi, but could be seen in numerous ways. That is the explanation of what (or who) it is exploring its way across the desert sand. But we have come to realize that it could be 'The Vanguard'. It could furthermore be a unison expression for our songs as an apparatus to slowly enter the horizon. It is big and unstoppable, and again it is only the first of its kind, there will be more, many more!

Do you have plans to make an album within the next 2 years? Or will you go on a tour?

First we need to go on the road with concerts, but never the less we start to write new songs in 2010, AND we make a huge tour in Denmark and abroad, if we get that chance, well organized by our booker Majbritt from Dedicated Booking, and our promoter Marjo Verdooren from Metal Revelation. In other words we hope that we get the opportunity to do both.

It would be great to see Forcentury at the big stages, for example Sweden Rock Festival. Are there currently any plans or contacts about this?

With a band of six persons, tons of equipment, there are many stages that have problems to create enough space. So of course we will aim as high as possible. Mainly because we want to play for many people, but also due to difficulties fitting into tiny stages.

Congratulations about the well produced CD. Did you run into trouble during the recordings?

There were some trouble. Luckily we had support from our friends, families, colleagues, and it went much better than we ever expected it would. Only in the final stages we felt the stress. The release party was booked 6 weeks beforehand, and it felt like we had oceans of time at our hands. But suddenly we saw the fact that the release was one month ahead, and we knew the production time would take 3 weeks. So we had to mix, and do the mastering process in only 4 or 5 days. That was tough. Especially when you are six people who need to make abrupt and important decisions via email and telephone calls. But we got Mr. Jacob Olsen of JBO Sound to do the mastering of the record and when we were satisfied with the outcome of the production, we sent the record to be pressed. Then 3 weeks of waiting and everything culminated in the release party at The Rock, Copenhagen on 27.11.2009.
Forcentury would like to say a very big thank you to the fans for supporting us. We will be seeing you on the road, where we can shout out together: "Heavy Metal Will Save The World".

Hopefully they get the chance to promote the album live, coz with the amount of CD releases every month, it's the best way to conquer the metal world live on stage!

Lars Björn


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