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In Words: FireForce

- Erwin Suetens - April 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© FireForce

Erwin Suetens - April 11th 2011 (by email)

FireForce just released their debut album, but it's not youngsters which make the first step into the limelight. Thanks to guitarist Erwin Suetens for taking time to answer my questions.

FireForce is a new band, but 3 of you guys were part of Double Diamond. Is FireForce the successor of Double Diamond?

Yes, you can say that because Flype and I (Erwin) were both the 'driving force' of Double Diamond and we started FireForce... We try to see FireForce as a new project and say: "FF is NOT DD!" but you can't deny the fact that we're the same guys... so... ;-)

You seem to be inspired by early / mid-80s heavy metal. Some influences are obvious, tell us about the ones which aren't obvious?

I have no idea... ;-)

When did you start writing songs for March On?

Some of the songs existed already in the Double Diamond period, but most the songs were written between September 2008 and December 2009. We had more songs to record, but we couldn't record them all. They will be on the next record together with the new songs we are writing now...

Where did you record the album?

At the Music Factory / Prophecy Studio in Kempten / Germany.

Why did you choose R.D. Liapakis as your producer? Are you satisfied with the final result?

I had the chance to meet Lia during the Mystic Prophecy / Primal Fear tour in 2009. We had a nice chat about music and producing and exchanged addresses. When we needed a producer to record March On, Lia came the first in mind because I like the way he creates the sound... And I may say: "I'm very, very pleased with the result!"

The cover is very 80s, but fits to the music. Who did the cover artwork?

Eric Philippe, who is a good friend of us and made also the cover for the Double Diamond album In Danger and the Double Diamond EP Conquer With Steel... he works also for Feinstein, Forbidden, TNT, Luca Turilli, Virgin Steele, Rhapsody, Iron Fire and many, many more...

Born To Play Metal seems to be about what is your destiny... your passion. Summing up what keeps you going?

Yes it is... metal is a way of life to us and keeps us alive...

Lyrically you cover several topics... There is Mona Lisa and Horus (Bringer Of Order), what inspires you?

I'm very interested in history, sci-fi, Egyptian religion and many more stuff... e.g.:
The Only Way: Child abuse
Mona Lisa: The life of Leonardo da Vinci
Horus: The Egyptian God with the falconhead
1302: Battle Of the Golden spurs here in Flanders
Coastal Battery: The Utah Beach coastal battery at Crisbecq during WW2
Firestorm: The bombing of innocent civilians during WW2
Fly Arrow Fly: The first use of the longbow by the English archers
Annihilation: The invasion of Rome in Gaul
And of course: Metal! ;)

With 1302 - Battle Of Freedom and Fly Arrow Fly you have 2 songs about historic battles. Why the battle of Crécy?

Because it was a very important battle in 1346 during the long war between France and England. The first use of the longbow by the English who won the battle against a much bigger French army. It also was one of the first times that a 'peasant' army defeated an army of knights. There were no prisoners taken and all the knights were killed instead of taken prisoner for a ransom…

Battle of Golden Spurs seems a more obvious choice, coz it was important for your country... Can we expect another lesson in history?

Yes, you can, I think it's more interesting to write about history than writing love songs or one more cheesy ballad... there are loads of that on the 'normal' radio... ;-)

Which song would you like to do a video for?

Born To Play Metal... because that's what it is all about...

What about playing live? Anything on the way?

We have some shows planned, but we hope to have more when the CD is known by the headbangers all over the world...

What else is on your schedule?

We're rehearsing now and write new songs for the next album... and maybe they will be released... haha ;)
We would love to release the first EP on Vinyl... but that's only an idea...



So be prepared for another lesson in history by the Belgium metal heads!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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