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In Words: Fate

- Jens Berglid - Dec. 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

© John Son

Jens Berglid - December 24th 2011 (by email)

Fate is one of the bands which in the 1980's everybody had high hopes for - well, everybody into hard rock. Due to founding member Hank Shermann they got quite some media attention, but things not always go as planned. Even after the release of V they had big plans - and again future had something different in store for them. Now only bassist Pete Steiner is the only original member and with a new band he is now presenting their new album Ghosts From The Past. Time to find out what happened, thanks to drummer Jens Berglid who answered my questions quickly and so made it a Christmas gift to all their fans!

It's been quite a few years since the release of V - and now it's a new band. Please enlighten us what happened in the Fate band camp!

Ha ha, yes, a lot has happen since 2005! As in almost every band there is things you can't control and Per and Søren leaving is one of those things, both of them wanted to do something else! No hard feelings and we just kept on going. And as in most cases new blood means new life. : )

When did you start writing songs for Ghosts From The Past? And how long did the recordings take?

The writing started back in 2008, but then Per left the band and we had to re-write almost the whole album to fit Dagfinn's style, and then just as we were about to enter the studio Søren left! So writing the album has taken 3 years, but the recordings was made in not more than 2 months in 2011.

How much influence had Torben Enevoldsen on the songs? He was the last one to join...

He of course had a chance to influence the album as far as his guitar playing, but not much in regards to the songs as we had begun recording the drums. He will be more involved on the next album that's for sure.

How important was Jacob Hansen - who mixed and mastered the album - for the final result?

My personal opinion is that he is very important; we needed a fresh sound on this album to give it a better chance! He gave the album that extra touch that is needed in today's world.

The artwork and booklet was done by Carl-André Beckston, why did you choose him?

It was Torben's idea to work with Carl-André, he had done some art works for Torben in the past and when we saw what he had created we were very very pleased! :)

The title Ghost From The Past could be misleading... One might think it's a best of... So, why this title?

Well, every band has its ghosts behind them and we just felt that the title was a good description of what Fate has been thru in the past. Thinking about all the members coming and going, record companies closing, booking agency fights and etc.

You did a video for Children Of The Night, please tell us about the video shoot!

It was a great day, we started early as hell and just kept playing the song until we had the material needed. :) Lots of good food and drinks and of course filming! :)

Which other songs would you like to visualize?

We have started to talk about the next video and one of the songs I would like to do is Miracle. I just think it's a great song.

You have a YouTube channel and already posted something from the studio.... How important is it for you to use social networks?

It's very important to use all of the different networks today! It's a great way to reach out to the people and hopefully you will find some new fans!

What about playing live? Can we expect to see Fate on stage in 2012?

Yes, you sure can we are working on gigs as we speak and have confirmed a couple of dates, but we are waiting a bit to reveal the dates and countries.

Festivals... Roskilde is one with a long tradition, but allover Europe festivals big and small pop up every year... Too many? Or the more the better?

I think its fine, if the festivals have the financials to make it work and are willing to listen to people that have experience doing festivals, because there are too many that just want to do a festival, but don't have the money or the know how to pull it of.

Hope you allow me an off topic question... What do you think about Hank Shermann jumping in and playing Gigantour with Volbeat?

I think its great for Hank and Volbeat!! We wish the guys the best of luck and hope they kick ass. :)

What are your plans for 2012?

We have already started working on new songs for the next album and of course working on gigs and doing a video more. So we hope to see you on the road in 2012! :)

Jens Berglid

Let's hope that their future isn't another bumpy ride and that finally they get back on the road and play!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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