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On stage: Fate

- Fate & Forcentury - Jan. 2010 - Copenhagen (DK) -

- Fate & Forcentury - January 29th 2010 - Copenhagen (DK), The Rock -

Cold and snowy, winter in Copenhagen, but inside The Rock the temperature was great. The first band to go on the stage was Forcentury. The sound quality was fine, but shamefully the lightning technique was not the best. In the beginning of the set the light was insufficient, of course leaving Ice Vajal photographer Annicka Nilsson in fury. As drummer Jonas Landt told in our interview 2 months ago, they are a six-man band, and need place to spread out their arms, and the stage capacity of The Rock should perhaps have been a little bigger, but anyway Forcentury rocked their way through a solid concert, given the status as newcomers in todays metal.Forcentury live
Vocalist Johnn Thunder and the guys opened with Land Of Mirrors, and with Son Of Poseidon as next song I think they made the best performance of their set. Lots of power and attitude. Other songs were Valhallas Call and Rise Of The Machines.Forcentury live Another highlight came with the underestimated song Bottomline Zombies. That was a real rocker tonight. Love And Honour Johnn Thunder messed, but without the feeling he does it in the album. Shame. Now at the end it was time for a special version of The Abyss, very good and filled with power. Tonight there was time for two surprises. With a wry smile on his face Marc Masters exploited Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name, also we got a taste of the coming album with the new song Reductionist. To finish in style they blasted Through The Eyes Of Thunder. A good performance, but I think it will be much, much better when they get more experience. Vocalist Johnn Thunder is no Bruce Dickinson, and new bass player Iver does not have anywhere near the experience as the next bass player on the stage. Of course, you guessed right: Peter Steincke (aka Pete Steiner) from the band Fate.
Fate liveThe headliners tonight, legendary Fate was in another class to say the least. They started as a pop-metal band in the 80's with everything covered in sugar and candy. Many people has been in and out of the band, but Peter Steincke has continued all the way, and since they disbanded in 1992 many didn't gave them many chances to get back on track again, especially after loosing Hank Shermann as guitarist. But they did, and now they are playing live with material from their 5 albums. With a fresh breath the new lead singer Dagfinn Joenson from Faroer Islands pumps the ears of the crowd with classics and fresh material. The other members are: Soren Hoff (guitars), Jens Berglid (drums), Mikkel Henderson (keyboards).
Fate liveThe level at this concert was true class. Dagfinn Joenson really delivered the message that Fate is still alive and well, and the days with soft metal from the old vocalist Jeff Lox Limbo are over.Fate live They played songs like Love On The Rocks and Fallen Angel from the old days, but with metal touch from this millennium. Very interesting to hear songs like Won't Stop, Summer Love, I Can't Stand Losing You being performed by the Faroer Islands singer. The set list was long, and they had a good steady level all way through the show, but in my opinion Freedom, Rock'n'roll Angel, Fallen Angel was the top scorers tonight. Everything rounded perfectly off by the great song Victory. They could be proud of the great show they put on at The Rock. It was super.
After the concert I had a chance to talk with the booking agent Majbritt Kesseldorf from She handles both Forcentury and Fate, making arrangements, and hopes there are many good shows ahead in the future. So do we, so do we.

Lars Björn
Photos by Annicka Nilsson


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