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On disc: Fyrnask

Bluostar - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Temple Of Torturous Records - 2011)

You can say many things about black metal, some find it extreme, some like it and can't live without it. The German newcomers from 2008 have called themselves Fyrnask and associate themselves with North European deep waters and also made a language of their own, song titles as Eit Fjell Av Jern, Ein Eld I Djupna etc. A mix between Norwegian and Swedish and yet some words that do not exist. Then you have to listen to Fyrnask to get the answer. And the answer is a black metal album which is not for children or even listeners with weak nerves, because it would be easy to be smitten by a black fever coming out from the Fyrnask forces. If you are so lucky to be among the first 100 buyers of their album there is a bonus of collected deer bones. There you have it, a band taking their music deeply serious, and not make any songs that are not true to their beliefs. At Fornu Fari could be a tale of pre Nordic history, a black metal direct from the origins of the metal itself with a scary atmosphere combined with Indian sitar music gives it a laden sphere. Evige Stier (translated to eternal paths) is a blood dripping song where only the blackest is black enough. Bergar is so brutal and black that there can be no compromise in their attitude, a study of black completeness. Bluostar is a stream of unstoppable black thick ink coming closer and closer until it finally invades your body and set roots. If you have listened to the album and are shaking it is fully understandable.
No ridiculous noise, no strange sounds, no craziness. Black metal from Germany. Fyrnask.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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