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On disc: Furyon

Gravitas - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Frontiers - 2012)

Furyon is a band from Brighton and was founded in 2006. Gravitas is their debut album which was released in 2010 by themselves - as far as I know - and which now is now brought to a wider audience by Frontiers Records.

The opener is called Disappear Again, a catchy dark rock tune which shows similarities to alternative rock as well as classic rock - but in a darker sound.

At Stand Like Stone they are a bit heavier, a bit more aggressive (guitar riffs) and show their metal roots plus other sound elements. Every song seems to be different, but they manage to make the album sound homogenous. Singer Matt Mitchell has a slightly raspy voice and his powerful vocals make it easy to get into Furyon's songs. Souvenirs offers metallic riffs, melodic leads and bluesy vocals - and has a dash of 80's hard rock in it. At Don't Follow they seem to mix Ratt with 3 Doors Down - all based on a heavy groove. New Way Of Living starts slowly, then they add some heavy riffs. A cool tune which is hard to describe, so you should check it out yourself! One of my faves is Wasted On You, another heavy rocker with excellent guitar play! It's also offers varying vocals and catchy hooks. With Our Peace Someday they present an emotional tune but also take you onto an emotional roller coaster ride. The closer of the debut us Desert Suicide, but the Frontiers version comes with 2 bonus tracks - acoustic versions of Voodoo Me and Souvenirs which I unfortunately don't got to review but have the feeling they are killer.... Back to Desert Suicide, a guitar-driven rocker with a dark edge.

If you like heavy riffs and catchy vocals, you should check out Furyon! They build a bridge between heavy rock / melodic metal and alternative rock la Alter Bridge and 3 Days Grace. Enjoy the sonic ride.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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