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On disc: Furor Gallico

Furor Gallico - Umberto Mino - 8 stars

Furor Gallico

Furor Gallico
(Massacre Records - 2011)

Finally Furor Gallico's CD is available worldwide, and I want to say thank you to Massacre Records for that because these guys deserve more attention worldwide!!!! This album was available in Italy, of course, since last year but now it's time for everybody out there to appreciate this nice Italian folk / metal band that you all easily compare to In Extremo... And in fact their musical roots are in Italian folk music, metal, black / death metal and anything else!!! Furor Gallico current line-up is:

Pagan: Growl, Scream and Clean Vocals
Ste: Guitar and Back Vocals
Oldhan: Guitar and Back Vocals
Fabio: Bass
Paolo: Tin & Low Whistles and Bouzouki
Becky: Celtic Harp and Female Vocals
Laura: Violin
Simo: Drums

And for all you this is a perfect way to describe their music in their own words "Furor Gallico is the description that the ancient Romans gave of the Celt warriors, who prepared for battle and were ready to die to defend their people and land... We are the bards that bring the ancient legends of the Celtic world to life again with our folk metal!."
After this kind of introduction you all want to know something about the songs, and believe me there is no bluff or tricks in their songs (1 intro and 13 full songs), only passion, heart, feelings.... From the English title and lyrics, songs like Banshee and Bright Eyes or the songs in Italian like La caccia morta and Venti di Imbolc until the final masterpiece The Glorious Dawn. After one (better two or three) listening of this album, you'll be in a forest because your mind will travel in this direction!!
A job well done guys...... Raise the horns for Furor Gallico!!

8 stars

Umberto Mino


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