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On disc: Funeral Whore

Step Into Damnation - Lars Bjrn - 5 stars

Step Into Damnation

Step Into Damnation
(Chaos Records - 2012)

Funeral Whore is the Dutch answer to death metal wishes from the many fans of this style. They have previously recorded some demos, but this is their first full-length album, and if you are a hardcore death metal fan this could appeal to you, otherwise stay away from them. In my view their songs reminds too much of each other, only El Salvador Death Squad has some creative rhythms and a great fast guitar work, and Obidience is also on the positive side with typical death metal aspects spiced with creative killer guitars. Buried In Hell has the best musical content with steady rhythm and well written metal that goes into a broader perspective of the death metal genre, absolutely listenable. The low point of the album is Camp Blood which is inspired by the films Friday The 13th, that takes place in the area of Camp Blood, and the song is blessed by that classical sound of Jason Vorhees swinging his knife, but musically it ends up in too much growling and guitars without making a greater difference.

5 stars

Lars Bjrn


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