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On disc: Funeral Mist

Hekatomb - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(NoEvDia - 2018)

Marduk singer Arioch started Funeral Mist back in 1993 and with Hekatomb he presents his 3rd full-length album. Fans waited for a new album for years, Maranatha was released in 2009. As usual Arioch is working on his own, just hauled in someone for the drums. This time Lars B is joining in and lays the drums as a playground for Hekatomb.

The opener In Nomine Domini kicks off with a passage which could be taken from some audible book, but then Arioch storms off into a dark, raw frenzy. Blast beats and scolding vocals, a break and back to the diabolic blast beats.

Naught By Death offers droning riffs, breaks and mean growls. Mid-tempo parts, short passages which only vocals and up-tempo blast beats combined into one track. Chaotic begins Cockatrice, a hateful track with fast riffs, growls and a keyboard giving a hint of a melody to the mean mix. The long track gives enough space to vary in speed and to create a diabolic atmosphere. Dark, mean and unsettling.

Drums slowly lead you into the other long track - Metamorphosis. This time more mid-paced Arioch presents his vision. it's spiced up with some monk choir-like backings, spoken words by the mastermind and melodic elements. But he creates a threatening atmosphere, even more than he does at the fast tunes!

A distorted guitar is the first you hear at Hosanna, then storming off. Mean and raw black metal full of hate is what you get here.

Fans of Funeral Mist will get a copy anyway, but I can recommend it to fans of raw, aggressive black metal.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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