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On disc: Full Strike

- We Will Rise - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

We Will Rise

We Will Rise
(Spitfire Records - 2002)

Does the name Stefan Elmgren ring a bell? Metal fans should know this name, coz Elmgren is the guitarist of the Swedish true metal masters Hammerfall. And Full Strike is musically not that different, coz Stefan Elmgren's musical interest is heavy metal. There are parallels to his main band, but also parts which remind me of other bands... Reminiscences to Helloween and other 80's bands. Many tracks are mid-tempo ones, but with Silent Screams they also offer a ballad. Often members of the main band also play on solo albums of their colleagues... Not on this one! Stefan Elmgren met the Swedish singer Niclas Johnsson in Hollywood while he was at the Musicians Institute where he also met Joacim Cans. Niclas Johnsson's voice and way to sing these tracks is different to Joacim Cans and so vocally there are not so many parallels. A good track to check out is Master Of My Soul which is a heavy rocking metal track with a catchy hook line. On We Will Rise Elmgren presents power full metal tracks, but not the kind of true metal he's playing with Hammerfall. Even if a track like When Will I Know could also be on a Hammerfall album, but there are other tracks which aren't in the vain of his main band. On the instrumental track Full Strike guitarist and mainman Stefan Elmgren shows all his talent, even if personally I miss the special something... But that's just my opinion. A decent album which is interesting for all metal heads, but only future can tell, if Full Strike can make it or if Mr. Elmgren should concentrate on his main band... It's up to the fans... Make your own decision!

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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