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On disc: Frosthold

When Brothers Fought In Arms - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

When Brothers Fought In Arms

When Brothers Fought In Arms
(self-released - 2008)

Frosthold is a band from Portsmouth and was founded in 2004. They present metal with Angelo-Saxon inspired fantasy lyrics about the dark age. Before they released this EP in late 2008, they recorded 2 demos and played a couple of shows.
The quintet starts slowly into Aeon Of The Kings, but then they go full force! Its heavy metal with raspy vocals, but during a faster passage they add deep growls... Mainly based in traditional heavy metal there are reminiscences to black and death metal. For the following The Aethelings they speed up, musically you probably can categorize them as Viking metal... But it isn't easy to label them, coz they always show a different facet - and that makes it more interesting and gives them the opportunity to attract fans from different genres. Just check out Vengeance Of The Gods and you'll know what I mean! The title track has a majestic touch and make me think of Black Messiah... But then they speed up for a moment and it becomes a black metal-ish track before they return to the opening theme. The other 2 songs of this EP are also offer this mix, but they aren't repeating themselves, even if the last tune Flames Of Hatred is crossing the boarders to melodic black metal - and again its not the whole story!
They have no obvious target group, so check them out at MySpace! But I think, Frosthold are interesting for fans of heavy metal and Viking metal as long as you can cope with black metal elements and growls. On the other hand this variety might be a problem, coz it needs open-minded metal fans - and media.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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