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On disc: Frost

- Raise Your Fist To Metal - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Raise Your Fist To Metal

Raise Your Fist To Metal
(Sanctuary Records - 2003)

Frost isn't just another all-star band or another solo album of a known musician! Raise Your Fist To Metal is the latest output of guitarist Jack Frost who worked with different musicians on this one. A gathering of friends. Unusual are the 2 cover versions which are Ratt's Lack Of Communication and Kansas' Fight Fire With Fire. The other 8 tracks are by Jack Frost and his friends - the Raise Your Fist band.
Opening with Stay the Jack Frost album goes straight ahead with a fast, heavy rocker. A catchy hook line make this one sneak into your ear. More riff-oriented is The Chase. An up-tempo rocker based on the guitar riffing and in the middle part a more filigree guitar solo. Due to the different singers there songs have a different atmosphere. The tune What's Left is more mid-tempo with a catchy melody. Like a power ballad, but the guitar riffing is too heavy for a ballad... With The Man I Am a powerful song with bluesy vocals is following. More hard rock then metal. The guitars add a touch of country or southern rock. A song which probably in the early 90's would have get them into the charts... Due to the different musicians the music varies from heavy rock to power metal. Different influences are audible. E.g. the instrumental Nippin At Your Ear remind me of some Scorpions / MSG stuff... Michael Schenker influenced, in my opinion... The Kansas' cover Fight Fire With Fire sounds really heavy, only the vocals lack some power - in my opinion.
Not very innovative, but better then many other releases. Songs might remind you of some other tunes, but this album is done very well. If you're waiting for a ballad, this album has none! A large variety of sounds and influences. Interesting due to the different personalities involved.
Please check for details who played on which track the booklet, unfortunately the promotional copy had no details about.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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