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On disc: Front Beast

Demon Ways Of Sorcery - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Demon Ways Of Sorcery

Demon Ways Of Sorcery
(Hells Headbangers Record - 2013)

Black Metal veterans Front Beast from Germany has been active playing live, and making split albums with others, but it's time for them to make their own second album for their fans. Demon Ways Of Sorcery has been released via Hells Headbangers Records, and the band takes the opportunity to grab everyone by the throat and firm the grip. 8 new songs of blackness is what comes from Front Beast in a super quality production. There is a lot of traditional black metal screaming, but it's paired with intelligent lurking metal sound that boost the whole atmosphere of the album. Fresh touch and drive in most of the songs, and the best is Heathen Night, Demon Ways Of Sorcery, Inverted Bloody Cross where the fans also gets a solid doze of power to get the music rammed hard to the brain. Good comeback to Front Beast with this album.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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