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On disc: Freitod

Nebel der Erinnerungen - Mike Thompson - 6 stars

Nebel der Erinnerungen

Nebel der Erinnerungen
(Vn Records - 2010)

So here we have the first full-length release from depressive black metal band Freitod who hail from Germany.
What to say about this album? Its typical depressive black metal and by the end of the first song I felt like hanging myself. The songs aren't badly played, some of the instrumental sections are quite good and the black metal rasps of singer/drummer R.S. are very good with the occasional clean vocals being very nice too. The songs are of typical depressive black metal length with the average length clocking in at over five minutes.
I'm really struggling for things to say now. This isn't my favourite genre and this album seems to be just a complete rehash of all that has gone before. Its certainly not a bad album and is actually quite well done but as soon as you press play you know what to expect. If you don't like depressive black metal stay clear of this album. If you do like it then you can safely pick this up knowing you won't be disappointed.

6 stars

Mike Thompson


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