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On disc: FramePictures

Remember It - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Remember It

Remember It
(ProgRock Records - 2010)

The band FramePictures was founded by session musicians who shared the same musical vision. That was in 2004, later singer Tiago Delgado was added to the ranks.
The album opens up with the warm sound of a grand piano, but soon the others join in. Memories Faded Away is showing the Portuguese in a Planet X-kinda way first, but then it's more like early Dream Theater. One things for sure, these guys know how to play!
The title track is a kind of catchy rock tune with progressive elements. A very good way to get into the album Remember It. Actually the guys spice up their prog rock with metallic riffs, some jazzy elements and other sounds, and it's this variety of sounds which make the album enjoyable. Even long instrumental passages aren't tiring, coz it's no ego show, they play song supportive and give each other enough space to shine. Some monumental parts make me think of ELP... But then they get heavier, more metal - just to head into a prog rock passage. The closer My Will To Live is about 26 minutes long and it's like the soundtrack to a short film. It also shows the whole sound spectrum of FramePictures. Well done!
If you can imagine a sound which combines elements of ELP, early Dream Theater and Planet X, then you get an idea about FramePictures!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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