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On disc: Fracture

Simple Chaos - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Simple Chaos

Simple Chaos
(Nightmare Records - 2010)

Fracture is a new band from Australia which was founded by guitarist Tony Markou and singer David Belloin in 2007. Both have played in several band before starting Fracture.
With Simple Chaos they present their debut album. But their music isn't simple nor chaotic. The opener Unidentified offers heavy riffs, breaks and powerful vocals. But the tune has slow passages where the vocals sound distant, samples from radio conversations are offered too and give the song an interesting angle. Rearranged is almost 8 minutes long and so Fracture present a track with tempi changes, twists and turns. There isn't a catchy vocal line or memorable riff, but this is prog metal and so it's not about catchiness. But The Grand Illusion makes it easier to get into Fracture, it has atmospheric passages and complex guitar-based parts. One of the highlights is The Killing Kind, another long track which offers a journey into the sonic universe of Fracture. And with The Wish they close this chapter with a melancholy, atmospheric tune. Great tune!
Even if they offer technical complex parts, they never get lost in it. They find a good balance between technical play, power, atmospheres and melodies. The album needs several spins to grow. If you like powerful progressive metal, then check out Simple Chaos!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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