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On disc: Formloff

Spyhorelandet - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars


(Eisenwald Records - 2012)

Black metal that takes basis in the everyday life, this is what Formloff makes, but the music that the two Norwegian guys comes with is not bringing so much joy or pleasure. Normal black metal without surprises, only the title song Spyhorelandet is slower and more blood dripping than the rest of the songs. Faen! goes for the wilder and faster sound and gets away with it very good, growls and speed unites in a creative way on this song. Skaevven is full of melodic and mid-tempo black metal, but still one of the best songs on the album. But as an overall impression there is nothing in the music from Formloff that makes any difference, no sudden guitar effects or drums that could spread it out a little.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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