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On disc: Forgery

Harbouring Hate - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Harbouring Hate

Harbouring Hate
(Candlelight - 2009)

The Norwegian band Forgery started almost 20 years ago, but just have a few demos recorded through the years. Now they are signed to Candlelight Records and present their debut Harbouring Hate. I think that their style changed through the years, coz what they present here is modern thrash metal based on a heavy groove and peppered up with a dash of death. Partly they remind me of Machine Head... But you can detect a bit of Soulfly, too. At the title track Harbouring Hate they speed up, but vary the speed. During the chorus the vocals are almost melodic, even if still deep and raspy. Later they surprise with a mid-paced part and somehow the slower passages remind me of old Paradise Lost... For Stained they storm off, but again breaks lead into mid-tempo parts. Somehow the songs sound familiar... If Anders Moen would have a more unique voice / style it would do the songs good, but so they are kinda drowning in the seas of bands which choose to play this kind of music. Perhaps I'm just the wrong person to review this one, but the Norwegians didn't get me at all....

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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