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On disc: Forever Storm

- Demo 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Demo 2007
(Self-released - 2007)

At I came across the demo of the Serbian band Forever Storm. As I learnt the band started seriously in 2006, even if they first came together in 2003, but due to the lack of a drummer couldn't kick off immediately. The 3-track demo is their first step into the spotlight.
The kick off with The Outcast which is an up-tempo rocker with heavy riffs, a catchy chorus and Stefan Kovacevic's powerful voice. They are influenced by traditional metal bands like Iron Maiden, but also by some power metal acts... And partly a bit like old Savatage, but vocally more Zak Steven's style. With Trace Of Eternity they slow down a bit. Here melodic guitar parts dominate and after a break they take off power... Acoustic guitars and the vocals lead into a powerful balladesque tune. Here I think singer Stefan could partly show a bit more emotions... At the end some spoken words.... and thunder. With a more happy feeling the riff-based Battle Cry starts off. This song should work live very well, coz it has something anthem-like... If Kovacevic will hit some more high notes he has to work on his range, coz it seems he has some trouble with the high screams... A slower part adds some variety and make you think they will let the song fade out, but then they are back fully and Milos Miletic is adding a nice guitar solo.
I hope we will hear more of the foursome, coz the demo is done well and I think they can improve and will develop a more unique style...

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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