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On disc: Foreigner

No End In Sight - The Very Best Of Foreigner - Claudia Ehrhardt -       

No End In Sight - The Very Best Of Foreigner

No End In Sight - The Very Best Of Foreigner
(Atlantic Records - 2008)

This isn't the first best of-compilation of Foreigner and as there is no new studio album since 1994, the Foreigner fans will have the songs anyway while rock fans might own another compilation. The compilation is taking you on a sonic ride from the debut album of Foreigner til today - only at one point it ain't chronological - and so it starts with Feels Like The First Time, but the first smash it was Cold As Ice. Rock fans will probably recognize one or the other song while songs like Urgent, Jukebox Hero, Waiting For A Girl Like You and I Wanna Know What Love is are known by everybody. The double CD has all the essential songs and additionally 3 live versions and a brandnew track Too Late. The song is heavy and has the 80's rock vibe, actually it sounds quite good and fits to the essential Foreigner songs, but if it will become a classic only time will tell. At least it shows that Foreigner are still able to write good songs, but only a full-length album can show, if the Foreigners have a future or if they will continue living their past.
My main critic is that the sound quality is not up-to-date, it seems like they took the old recordings and didn't polished the sound... Somewhere I saw it labelled as 'remastered', well in that case the remastering was a waste of money!
Looks like the label wants to make some bucks, coz even if in 2009 there will be a new studio album, only one new song as an appetizer isn't enough to legitimate such a release. I would like to know what the band things about this compilation... They already have more compilations then studio albums released! Well, they wrote some timeless songs and sold millions of albums, but this looks like a cash-in...

Track list:

Disc 1
Feels Like the First Time
Long, Long Way From Home
Cold as Ice
Double Vision
Blue Morning, Blue Day
Hot Blooded
Dirty White Boy
Head Games
Night Life
Break It Up
Juke Box Hero
Waiting for a Girl Like You

Disc 2
I Want to Know What Love Is
Down On Love
Reaction to Action
That Was Yesterday
Say You Will
I Don't Want to Live Without You
Can't Wait
Tooth and Nail
Heart Turns to Stone
Lowdown and Dirty
I'll Fight for You
Until the End of Time
Too Late (new song)
Say You Will (Live 2008)
Starrider (live 2005)
Juke Box Hero/Whole Lotta Love (live 2005)

Claudia Ehrhardt


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