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On disc: Forcentury

Vanguard - Lars Björn - 8 stars


(Forcentury Records - 2009)

A good production from a new metal band who have tried to create their own style, and I think they succeeded to reach the spot the Vanguard pointed at: Land Of Mirrors. Reflecting the rough travel through the desert which is the task of The Vanguard on his ongoing march towards the final destination. The Forcentury fans have something utterly brilliant entering their world. An irresistible force from the outer reaches of the metal world: The Vanguard.
The album offers 9 songs...
Land Of Mirrors is pure melodic power metal with interesting guitars, drums and keyboards in a symmetric fantasy metal mix with numerous bridges, everything kept in place by the steady vocals from Johnn Thunder.
Through The Eyes Of Thunder holds a professionalism that goes a long, long way, displaying classical power metal deeply centered around guitar wars to achieve the braveness.
Speculator: Power metal with a stingy bite. Smiling combination with solos and rhythm guitars to an extend that the solos almost becomes the rhythm. Confusing? Not in any way. The song has musical quality to rise high above such doubts.
Love And Honour: Brilliant fantasy metal. This song will surprise you!
Rise Of The Machines, Bottom Line Zombies, Valhalla's Call, Son Of Poseidon, The Abyss: To describe those songs words like good, brilliant, fantasy, technical, monstrous, power simply stumbles around in my brain battling to come out first.
How often do you have a CD in your hand that you place at the very top of your enormous pile of CDs. Not often!
Listen to the CD once: You're stunned. Listen twice: You're convinced. Listen one more time: And you want to book them yourself.

Forcentury are Johnn Thunder (vocals), Marc Masters (guitars), Jonas Landt (drums), JaCK Kijne (guitars), Andreas Palsgaard (keys), Iver (bass)

8 stars

Lars Björn


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