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On disc: Flowerland

The Caffeine Disk EP - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Caffeine Disk EP

The Caffeine Disk EP
(gypsygarden records - 2013)

The title The Caffeine Disk EP caught my attention as I'm a caffeine junkie, but I never heard of the band Flowerland, even if they started back in 1991. I guess it's because I never been into the Indie scene and I'm not familiar with the Conneticut music scene. The band recorded several albums in the 90's and now they picked 6 songs which were recorded in 1992/1993 and asked John Agnello to remix them, et voilá The Caffeine Disk EP is the result.

The opener is called Crazy Horse, a riff-based tune with a dash of 70's rock and a splash of grunge. But there is a video for this tune, so I recommend to check it out!

More mid-paced, but with a different drum pattern to give it another flavor is (Jim Brown's) Military Country. Even if singer Roger Guimond is doing a good job, I'm do have my problems with his voice - just a matter of taste. At Low and Kill Alice (Slowly) Jef St. George's bass is playing a prominent role. The later starts slowly with a psychedelic edge, but then the quartet storms off into a part which can be called metal, just to return to the opening theme.

The closer is a long track called Flow and it gives the guys the chance to show their sound universe to the listener. You can check out all tunes here...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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