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On disc: Fjorsvartnir

Legions Of The North - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Legions Of The North

Legions Of The North
(Grom Records - 2012)

A one-man band called Fjorsvartnir play some mean and melodic black metal, first and foremost Fjorsvartnir play untraditional black metal inspired by Vikings and fights, there are exciting different elements in the music, like it was inspired by nature and adventure. The man behind all this is called Fjorgynn, and he has released the debut album of Fjorsvartnir. The lyrics are in Danish, but are performed in deep and violent growls to go with the attacking black massive metal he does. There are 6 songs on the debut album, and Levende Begravet gives the listener an atmosphere of a Viking battle with strong attacks, melodic and fast at the same time. Nat Og Dag is another of the slow songs that are also attacking wildly in the frame of excitement where you can feel the Viking spirit. Den Sidste Rejse is also in the slow and controlled direction of black metal, with melodic and fantasy pictures included in the music Fjorgynn makes. Very interesting to see what the next album will give us.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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