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On disc: Five Finger Death Punch

War Is The Answer - Gisela Schmitz - 9 stars

War Is The Answer

War Is The Answer
(Universal - 2009)

War Is The Answer is the long awaited album of Five Finger Death Punch, and not just in the USA fans impatiently waited for it. I'm pretty sure that this album will hit the scene like a bomb! They offer 13 songs full aggression, power combined with melodic parts - that's War Is The Answer. Five Finger Death Punch show the albums direction with the opener Dying Breed and also shows that they didn't become commercial after their smash hit The Bleeding off their debut album. A hyper-fast and aggressive song with a catchy hook will wake you up!At Burn It Down they push it a bit more and present a song without clean vocals and due to its power the song is a real killer, an elemental force. On top their excellent frontman Ivan Moody who shows a lot variety and even the spoken words parts at the title track can shine. Like no one else he shows anger authentically. Hard To See is the first single and video of their sophomore release and is in the vain of The Bleeding off their debut. The songs have catchy melodies and some heavy parts - and still can be aired. Like Zoltan says like a wolf in a sheep's clothing. At least an ear catcher, if it won't become a smash hit. A bit smoother is Walk Away. Singer Ivan gives you goose bumps with his vocal performance! The song is emotional and if this one won't touch you, then you are dead! And they can do even better! With Far From Home 5FDP present a great ballad with string arrangement, piano and unobtrusive rhythm section. And the cover version Bad Company of Paul Rogers' band is following that path. A little break for singer Ivan during the instrumental Canto 34 - a very strong track which shows guitar virtuoso Zoltan Bathory and his counterpart Jason Hook in a guitar duel. My highlights are Bulletproof and No One Gets Left Behind. Bulletproof is stamped by powerful double-bass drums by Jeremy Spencer, cool guitar solos of Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook, Mat Snell's pounding bass and Ivan Mody's vocals. On top of it killer backing vocals! No One Gets Left Behind is dominated by a heavy groove, this songs is about politicians who are war mongers - and he shows his whole vocal range. These are masterpieces which will be pure fun live! 5FDP manage to top their debut album with War Is The Answer in many ways - like song writing, arrangements and variety. And so it isn't far-fetched that they will soon be one of the big names in business! The fantastic production of Kevin Churko (e.g. Ozzy Osbourne) and the perfect mix of Randy Staub (Metallica, Stone Sour) make 5FDP shine even brighter. Knuckleheads of the world get united!

9 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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