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On disc: Fischel's Beast

Commencement - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Stormspell Records - 2009)

Barry Fischel was one of the founding members of Sentinel Beast and is now back with his band Fischel's Beast. Their first release is the EP Commencement with songs which were written in the 80's for the follow-up of Sentinel Beast's Depths Of Death.
After the intro Commencement they head into Forbidden Territories where Fischel got some support by Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery who added the solo. Barry Fischel plays on this EP all guitars beside the two solos of Chris Caffery. The songs have the authentic speed metal / US metal flair of the late 80's and show that Sentinel Beast created some outstanding songs. At the new released EP Anthony Cross is singing and he shows a larger range then original singer Debbie Gunn. The vocals are more expressive, but still powerful. The Phoenix is a thrashy tune with twists and turns - and even some progressive song structures. Beside the typical thrash attacks they offer varying speeds and other sound elements. A true power metal track is Fate Of Kings where Chris Caffery played the first solo. The up-tempo track has some thrashy parts, but also some mid-paced parts and cool solos. Beside Fischel's guitar play one of the strong points is Anthony Cross' vocals! Very heavy they kick off Where Am I which begins mid-tempo and shows another facet of the Beast's sound. Later they speed up and add some thrash riffing.
It will be quite interesting to hear new songs of Fischel's Beast, even if I think they should add a rhythm guitarist to give Mr. Fischel more space to shine. The songs were written in the 80's and so they sound like 80's metal, but with complex arrangements, heavy riffs and powerful melodic vocals they should be able to win over younger fans with their thrashy power metal.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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