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On disc: Firewind

The Premonition - Jrg Petersen - 8 stars

The Premonition

The Premonition
(Century Media - 2008)

Not necessary to introduce guitarist Gus G. to the metal fans, and many will know Firewind. Now the Greek band is back with their 4th album. Sure, they haven't invented a new style, they don't present something new, but they play cool melodic power metal with fantastic guitar leads. And with Apollo Papathanasio they have a great singer who is able to present the songs with power and passion. The opener is called Into The Fire and should be able to convince you, if you haven't heard them before. One of my favorites is Mercenary Man, a heavy melodic tune which let me think of Gary Moore / Phil Lynott's Out In The Fields... Or some Thin Lizzy tune, just that this is power metal. An ear catcher! And even if not all songs are on this level, there are enough good tunes to buy this CD! They speed up for the riff-based Remembered which is entering the speed metal area. Afterwards they present the balladesque My Loneliness, not bad, but it can't touch me. Perhaps live they get me with this one.... With Maniac they added a cover version of the Michael Sembello hit who most will know from Flashdance. A metal version of the 80's pop hit is a cool idea - and quite well done. Mainly coz guitar maniac Gus G. is giving it the heaviness.
My resume: Nothing quite new, but well done with excellent guitar play and great vocals. Fans of powerful, melodic metal should be satisfied. Check out The Premonition!

8 stars

Jrg Petersen


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