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On disc: Simone Fiorletta

When Reality Is Nothing - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

When Reality Is Nothing

When Reality Is Nothing
(Lion Music - 2009)

Guitarist Simone Firoletta's musical home is Moonlight Comedy, an Italian progressive rock / metal band. As a side-project Simone started back in 2004 a solo career. When Reality Is Nothing is Fiorletta's 3rd solo album and once again an instrumental album. On his new album he shows his abilities, but in a more song supporting way. The opening track is called Thanx, a rock tune with tempi changes. Simone Fiorletta is accompanied by Labyrith's Andrea De Paoli on keyboards, Matteo Raggi (bass) and Marco Aiello (drums). After Thanx which is dedicated to his parents he offers My Brother, another rocker with an emotional edge. The keyboard adds a dash of 70's prog to it, but is too much in the background to give the song it's own identity. Sounds of a city lead you into Dance In The City, someone coughing, starting the engine, turning on the radio... Switching stations and then drives off. The guitar set's in and the song becomes a funky rocker. Here Fiorletta is pushing a bit too much - at least for me. And a bit too long... The technical passages are too long to do the song any good and so it's more an album from a guitarist for guitarists. Loneliness In You Eyes is a balladesque one where Simone Fiorletta shows his talent, but keeps focused on the song. This song fans of Steve Vai should dig while the more technical ones are more interesting for fans of Joe Satriani... After the ballad Laura he speeds up for On No, Once Again?! which is an up-tempo tune which sounds a bit chaotic... Especially after a track like Laura, even if the middle part is a slow one, but then back to a sonic frenzy. The closer is Like A Bird, an almost 8 minute long rocker with some spoken words later in the song, right in time to get back the listeners attention. After the piano-based passage he heads back into a guitar solo part instead of creating some atmospheric part to fade out the song... the album.
I think that Simone Fiorletta is on his way from doing an instrumental album to show his skills to an instrumental rock album with top-notch guitar play.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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