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On disc: Finis

Visions Of Doom (12") - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Visions Of Doom

Visions Of Doom (12")
(Iron Bonehead Records - 2018)

Finis is a trio from Germany, but the members stay anonymous. Visions Of Doom is a 3 track release on 12" vinyl and CD - at the CD you'll find their demo At One With Nothing, originally released on tape in 2016.

The opener is called 11 Temple Stones and offers mid-tempo black metal with deep growls, some disharmonic guitars next to black-ish riffing and a dark threatening atmosphere.

For the title track Visions Of Doom they speed up, with fast, furious riffs and mean growls they torment you! A soundtrack to your worst nightmare!

The closer is an instrumental called Fosforos which might surprise you, coz it starts quite unusual for a black metal band. It reminds me of some sound track from an old western film, but the atmosphere changes and becomes dark and threatening.... a real black metal tune - raw and modern.

The 3 tracks a just about 20 minutes long and so the guys have enough time to create atmospheric tunes.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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