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On disc: Fimbulthier

Rise - Mike Thompson - 5 stars


(Trollzorn - 2010)

Fimbulthier is a German band that plays melodic death metal with some elements of viking metal, similar to Amon Amarth and label-mates Wulfgar. Rise is the band's second full-length.
Now, please don't think the comparison with the superb Amon Amarth is a recommendation to listen to Fimbulthier. Where the Swedish band write stirring songs that carry you away on a Valkyrie's Chariot, or on a Drakkar's Voyage. Fimbulthier, on the other hand, have managed to craft an album full of generally mediocre melodeath songs. There are some good parts throughout this album but on the whole the songs are instantly forgettable and barely enjoyable even while you're listening to them.
What really cements this feeling of an album that has missed the mark entirely is the fairly poor production in which the supremely average drums dominate the sound. The guitars are about what you'd expect from a low-end melodeath band and the vocals...well... they're are also nothing to write home about as they're generally just dull, average death growls.
It is not particularly bad but its certainly not good either. Its just an instantly forgettable album similar to fellow German outfit Battlesword's 2003 effort Failing In Triumph. Disappointing.

5 stars

Mike Thompson


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