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On disc: Fiakra

Invasion - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars


(Pure Underground Records - 2012)

If you have not heard about the band Fiakra, maybe it is because they were founded under the name Hexen, and after one album in 2008 called Dark Crucible, they decided to change the name to Fiakra. Now they release their first album in Fiakra's name, a monster CD called Invasion where they play the most pure heavy and power metal that I have heard in some time. There could be a good inspiration from Raven and their attacking metal from the 80's and Fiakra turns the key further than that. Music that blows most of the competition away is on the debut album from Fiakra where the mainman, The Warlord, sweeps the floor with his powerful voice and guitar. If you want heavy metal without any disturbing elements just listen to Give Me Metal, Or Give Me Death, and you will jump up from the chair and try to find out where you can see Fiakra in live concert. Guardian Of Ice is solid fast metal with a rhythm others would kill for. Live To Ride, Ride To Live gives the drums a dominant role as they continue the competent and skilled power metal. Iron Hooves holds a fantastic energy with super hard heavy metal of the highest class. 5.0 may be a strange title, but it is power metal from the very base of all metal, listen and enjoy. This album deserves a lot of praise, and fans of real metal is not making a wrong purchase if they get this CD.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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