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On disc: Fejd

Eifur - Mike Thompson - 8 stars


(Napalm Records - 2010)

Eifur is the second album from Swedish folk rock band Fejd, following on from 2009's exceptional debut Storm. The band has been taken to the bosom of the metal community despite being very much no frills folk music. Of course, alongside all of the traditional folk melodies and instruments there is the more modern rock sound of the bass guitar and drums. This album continues with Fejd's unique sound but does it surpass the debut?
Fejd's music is magical. It transports you to a place of nature and wonderment when you listen to it. Its catchy and it makes you smile but at the same time its incredibly relaxing and well-written. The folk instruments are the driving force of the music, in place of modern electric guitars and they sound great. All of this gives Fejd what I can only describe as a feeling of 'authenticity' that the majority of the popular folk metal bands don't have. All these elements were present on Storm and so too on Eifur. I can't really pick a stand out track. The whole album stands up as a strong listen that will be just great for those times when you want to chill out.
Apart from the folk instruments the most notable aspect of Fejd is the soothing voice of Patrik Rimmerfors. Its a sound that suits the whole chilled atmosphere of Fejd perfectly. The lyrics, based on Swedish legends, are sung solely in the singer's native tongue.
In my opinion, although this is a damn good album the debut is superior. I just found the songs on Storm a bit catchier and also the use of female vocals on the track Älvorna Dansar gave the music that extra kick. As I said though, this is still a great album of Scandinavian folk rock that will please fans of the band!

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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