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On disc: Fate

- Fate - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Namaste Productions - 2002)

Who thinks about the Danish melodic rockers when hearing the name Fate will be proofed wrong this time. This 3 track CD is the first sign of life of the US American Nu metal band Fate. Opening with I Won't Bleed the band shows their musical directions right from the start. Grooving Nu metal with a certain chattiness and a powerful chorus. Spoken word parts are well included. The screaming guitars build the counter part to the catchy, melodic vocals. A song which sneaks in your brain and which keeps spinning! This one can make you addicted. The band put the measuring rod on a high level with this opener! And so it's no surprise that the newcomers can't keep the high standard, but that doesn't mean that the 2 other tracks are bad! But they don't have the magic of the opener. The last track start with some heavy guitar riffing and whispered words, another groovy number, but not as heavy as the other tracks... Coz after the first riffs they slow down a little, at least for awhile. The vocals remind me a little of some 80's US metal bands... During the slower parts they leave the Nu metal sounds behind, become more melodic metal, but soon they get heavier again and have the typical elements of nowadays metal. With this track the band is crossing musical boarders. Very interesting, but probably too far apart from the known sounds of the genre and fans might not be able to follow the musical criss-cross. Personally I think that this song is outstanding and very interesting.
At least a full-length CD will show where the band will heading to and if the American quintet will meet the fans taste... Time will tell. In the meantime this 3-tracker is very interesting to listen to and makes me expect a lot from the American five-piece.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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